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A hug is just the right size.  Sometimes all you’d like to do is send someone a little something and say “This is a hug from me to you to let you know I’m thinking of you and although I haven’t got much to say, you’ll know I’ve thought of you today.” Each item in this CareBox has been thoughtfully chosen as a reminder that there’s someone thinking of you.

A Daisy symbolises innocence and purity.

  • Bath treat: Add a little fizz to your wonderful, warm, relaxing bath.
  • Nail polish: Remember to pamper yourself. Life isn’t perfect but your nails can be.
  • Aromadough: A beautiful ball of aromatherapy calm.
  • Fluffy keyring: Start each day with a grateful heart.
  • Scented sachet: Be blessed by this beautiful scent & pop it somewhere special to enjoy.
  • Hand cream: Always a treat.
  • Sweet treat:  Sometimes it’s the smallest things that take up the most room in our hearts.

Yasmeen (verified owner)

Best service ever!!!

Ziyanda (verified owner)

Great service delivery. I really appreciated the fast turnarounds to my queries and overall final delivery.

Wendy d. (verified owner)

my daughter’s care box was prepared with so much thought and care, as though Nicola knew what my daughter would like and she made suggestions on a few items which were great hits with my daughter. Thank you for adding such a personal touch to my order, it was so unexpected and so very much appreciated. Xx

Barbara Keys (verified owner)

The items in each CareBox are in support of local businesses. Based on this, items may be subject to change and not identical to what is pictured, yet closely aligned to the original item.