Pampering Pomegranate


A beautiful ‘thinking of you’ box filled with all things pampering, reminding someone to “be kind to your body, gentle with your mind and patient with your heart.”


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This box is full of little pampering goodies to help create special moments of self care and calm each day.  There’s a saying ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’.  There are some days when we simply just don’t have anything to give, physically or emotionally because we’re continually giving of ourselves to others. It’s about making time for you and looking after you.  This box has been created as a strong reminder of how important it is to spend time on you, ‘filling up your cup’ and by doing this you are then able to pour from a fuller cup.

The wild pomegranate is indigenous to SA and known to produce loads of nectar for our birds.  There’s a lovely symbolism of beauty, nourishment & celebration.

  • Scarf:  Add a splash of colour and warmth to your day.
  • Pedi kit & nail polish:  Spend quality time on yourself, moments of nourishment & beauty.
  • Scented sachet:  Be blessed by this beautiful scent & pop it somewhere special to enjoy.
  • Bath fizzers:  After a long day treat yourself to a wonderful soothing bath, adding a bath bomb for extra sparkle and fizz.
  • Hand cream:  It’s the little things…
  • Toffee:  A moment of sweetness.

Dianne Jones (verified owner)

Thoughtful contents to suit the occasion. Timeously put together and delivered. Super easy online system of ordering and payment. Care is taken every step of the way.

Regan Berry (verified owner)

This was such a beautifully enticing gift box and the personal service and extra mile the owner of Carebox went to ensure the Carebox arrived to my daughter in time before she started her exams was incredible! A delightful service and I’ll definitely be using Carebox again

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