Precious Oak


Hope…as long as we have it there is always a way.


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A box FULL of love, appreciation, gratitude and hope.

The Oak is one of the most loved and cherished trees in the world which stands head and shoulders above the rest.  It’s a symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge.  Trees are a sign of God’s provision for us through life; growth; provision and family.  

  • Happy socks:  Add a little happy to your day.
  • Journal:  A quiet place for reflection, thoughts, memories, dreams and ideas.  Remember as long as you have hope there is always a way…
  • Fudge:  ‘We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.’  Heb 6:19
  • Coffee: Adventure awaits but first, coffee!   Enjoy taking the time to make yourself an awesome cup of coffee.
  • Gold chocolate coins:  It’s about finding the little moments of treasure everyday.  Sometimes it’s easier said than done but it’s always there…we just need to be looking in the right places.
  • Chocolate: Did you know chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree.  That makes it a plant….so chocolate is a salad.
The items in each CareBox are in support of local businesses. Based on this, items may be subject to change and not identical to what is pictured, yet closely aligned to the original item.


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