Mopane Strength


HOPE – as long as you have it, there is always a way. Especially for him going through anxiety, depression or a very stressful time in his life.


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As a friend or loved one of someone going through a difficult and trying time, it can be really hard to know what to do and say to help him during his journey. May this CareBox, which has been thoughtfully put together, fill him with strength, knowing that someone is thinking of him and remind him to take time to enjoy the little things even when he doesn’t feel up to it. Head up, heart strong…this too is a moment in time. It will pass.

The wood of the Mopane tree is strong, durable and resilient. It has very distinctive butterfly shaped leaves, which in time transform from green into beautiful shades of orange and yellow in winter.

  • Puzzle book: Take some time to unwind and occupy your mind.
  • Playing cards: Think creatively, play smart, bluff boldly, bet precisely, raise fiercely, call casually and win confidently.
  • Journal & pencil: Write down your thoughts, emotions, anything you may be grateful for or just doodle. You can always go back and see where you’ve been and where you are today.
  • Happy socks: You’ve got this!
  • Herb seeds: Spend some time getting your hands dirty when planting these seeds and watch them grow into something special.
  • Tea: For a hug in a cup. Take time to make and enjoy a lovely cup of tea.
  • Scented sachet: Take a deep breath and let the smell linger on and calm your mind.
  • Mini shower gel & body lotion: Be in the moment. Take time to look after yourself.

Bridget loughor-Clarke (verified owner)

Perfect box that had so much thought and care put into it!

Alison Lyle (verified owner)

Just awesome!! Thank you so much for offering an empathetic service when words weren’t enough. X

The items in each CareBox are in support of local businesses. Based on this, items may be subject to change and not identical to what is pictured, yet closely aligned to the original item.