Tips to get your orchid to flower again (& again)

Tips to get your orchid to flower again (& again)

I do love orchids…the flowers are exquisite and I often wish they’d just carry on flowering forever!  If you’re anything like me, when the flowers start dying and falling off I’m left wondering what on earth to do with the plant.  They seem to have a reputation for being difficult to keep alive. That was until I came across an article, Repeat Performance in my Garden & Home (November 2017) – advice on how to keep your orchids flowering year after year.  Previously the non-flowering plant would either end up on the compost heap and once I’d even resorted to tying it to a branch in a tree hoping this would encourage blooms but instead it turned out looking more like some sort of dried out stick insect! I do know others have had luck doing this.

What I loved about this article is that it gave me hope that anyone could do it.  So following a few easy tips I’m happy to say that my orchid plants are still alive and have even flowered again (& again) …I’ve just taken a few pointers from the article and hope you’ll give them a try if you haven’t before and enjoy your orchids for years to come:

  • When your orchid has finished flowering, cut off the stem at the base where it arises from the leaves.  I remember feeling very nervous doing this, was it the right spot etc but just do it.
  • Water and feed your plant as normal and it will flower again in late winter into spring and it may even surprise you with additional flowers during the year.
  • Very importantly ensure that the container has drainage holes at the bottom.  Empty the pot / tray after watering so the roots don’t become waterlogged.  Ideally put the plant without the tray in the sink or outside to drain.
  • A lovely easy way to water is to actually pop an ice cube into the pot once a week.
  • Oh yes and remember to place your orchid where the light is bright but NOT direct sunlight.
  • Interestingly, an orchid is a bit like us humans…they’re comfortable where we’re comfortable which means that a position right next to a window will be too cold in winter and too hot in summer.

A quote by Pavana reads, “And what do the flower buds pushing up from the broken earth say about you? We break to grow.”

Much like an orchid, life is beautiful but delicate. For the flower to bloom to it’s full potential, it requires ideal conditions. With care and attention, an orchid can withstand losing its flowers, reblooming better than before. With the same amount of attention and care, a person is capable of withstanding any hardship they may face, becoming stronger and more resilient even through the hardest of times.

Treat every individual just as you do an orchid, with consideration and care. Don’t forget to shower them with love, compassion and support and watch as they grow and blossom, even in the most unlikely of circumstances. All it takes is the right conditions, a little bit of care and a drop of love.



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