Why a brown box?

Why a brown box?

As kids, a great number of us used to play the game “pass the parcel” at parties and other events. The game involved unwrapping layers and layers of newspaper one at a time until finally uncovering a hidden gift inside. Part of the fun of the simple layers of newspaper that covered the gift was that the people involved had absolutely no idea what to expect under the multiple layers of wrapping, nor could they determine the size or shape of the gift until the very last layers.

Choosing gift wrapping is never an easy task with 100’s of options to choose from, boxes of all sizes, shapes and colours.

On that note, you may be wondering why CareBox opted for a simple brown box for our gift wrapping choice. There is something completely understated about a simple brown cardboard box. When you are feeling a certain way emotionally, the last thing you need is something glittery to deter from the depths of your emotions. In saying so, the thinking around the brown box was very much the same.

As a CareBox team, we wanted to choose wrapping that was simple and organic so that the content of the box made more of an impression than the box itself. The box itself represents an understated choice – unrefined and almost like a treasure box. The less sparkly on the outside, the more you want to uncover what is inside the box. It is almost as if the box itself becomes anything that you want it to be, which gives more significance to the content of the box.

Each of our themed boxes have been thoughtfully hand-picked to provide absolute care for those in need of a little extra loving. We hope that our version of a treasure box lends love and strength to its recipients reminding them that they matter most.


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