Moments of Magnolia


It’s about gifting someone with special moments during their day.


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This box has been put together to create little moments in time for someone special.  A moment of comfort, of pampering, of beauty, of self care, a moment of courage and a moment of nourishment just to name a few.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts….

The Magnolia flower is thought to be the perfect symbol of womanly beauty, friendship and gentleness. Magnolia also means stability and grace through the ever changing ages.


  • Fluffy Slippers:  Home is where the slippers are.  For a moment of comfort.
  • Bath fizz balls:  For that moment of pampering at the ‘end of a long day’.
  • Scarf:  Add a splash of colour and beauty to your day moment.
  • Hand cream:  The hands that care need extra special care, taking care of  yourself moment.
  • Lip gloss:  When you need that ‘I’ve got this’ moment.
  • Tea:  Especially for the ‘tea is always a good idea’ moment.
  • Sweet treat:  For a moment of indulgence.
The items in each CareBox are in support of local businesses. Based on this, items may be subject to change and not identical to what is pictured, yet closely aligned to the original item.